5 Cool Facts About New York City

manhattan ny
  1. The state of New York has a population of 19 million, that’s the third largest in the U.S., and little over half of the population of the state lives in New York City alone. If you crunch down the numbers, 1 in every 38 people in the U.S. lives in New York City. That’s a lot of New Yorkers!
  2. The first pizza place in the U.S. was opened in New York City in 1895.
  3. The term “Empire State” was given to New York in its early days due to its rapid growth and prosperity.
  4. NYC has the larges population of Asians in any city outside of Asia and also the biggest Chinatown  in the western world.
  5. The Empire State building has its own zip code. That is 10118, in case you are planning to send a letter!

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